Premium vending machines with
first-class service

Australian Vending Company provides you with a wide range of high-quality vending services, entirely free of charge

Why you'll love us

We’re hassle free

We will handle site inspection, installation, restocking, and maintenance so the only thing you have to worry about in which snack to choose.

No cost to you

There are no hidden costs at Australian Vending Company. Our service is free of charge from day one.

Regular restocking

Thanks to our remote monitoring system and dynamic scheduling, your machine will never run low on products.

Huge range
of products

You have a say in what goes into your vending machine. We have one of the largest product ranges in Australia, including healthy options, electronics, amenities, and fresh food. 

We've got you covered

Superior customer service

We care about all of our clients and strive to go above and beyond for every machine. Our friendly customer service team is always ready to listen.

Fast maintenance

If you experience any issues with your machine, we have a dedicated maintenance team that will come out for repairs ASAP.

Our brands


Our mainstream line of vending machines selling classic snacks and drinks.

Vendy – Healthy Vending

Our healthy vending machines, stocked with our extensive range of healthy products, compliant with state healthy eating regulations.


Electronic vending machines stocked with chargers, cables, and more that you need on-the-go.


Vending machines stocked with popular products from Japan, China, Malaysia, Korea, and more.

PPE Vend

Protect yourself and others with PPE from our vending machines stocked with masks, gloves, hand sanitiser and more.

Mr Panda Baby Vending

Machines stocked with everything a parent might need, including nappies, baby wipes, and baby food.

Agora Markets

Our cutting-edge micro markets are self-service, unmanned convenience stores for your workplace.

Our clients

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